5 Reasons to Join

1) We create original games


We create original games that stand out from the crowd, and that millions play. For each of our game, we look for fun new mechanics, stories, and art. Our standard of quality means our games come out only when they are truly ready.

2) We have talent, passion, and fun

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We work on games we love, with teammates we can rely on and learn from. This makes working at Pretty Simple stimulating and fun. Playing on our arcade cabinets at lunch is also pretty cool.

3) We know success


Success means that the office is a very exciting and happy place. Working in such a great atmosphere is pure pleasure. Success also gives us many opportunities to learn and become better at what we do.

4) We value work-life balance


We seek fulfillment in our work, but we recognize our many other needs in order to be happy: family, friends, time to do nothing and anything. As it happens, the French workweek is 35h, with 5 weeks paid vacation, so this balance is easy to reach.

5) We’re in Paris!


As a major world capital, Paris has it all, from food to culture, and from history to party. Whether you have a family or prefer to go out all night, you will find something that makes you happy in Paris. Plus, if you like travelling, Paris is 1h flight from London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Madrid, or Rome.