Living and Working in Paris

Paris is the city of lovers and artist, of kings and revolutions, of the Tour Eiffel and the Louvre. The history of Paris stretches back a couple millenia, and many a street here has a claim to artistic, scientific, or historical significance. Paris is also a modern capital city with all you could expect: culture, nightlife, great infrastructures, efficient public transportation, people from all over the world..

Good times


Good French food is everywhere in Paris, from the corner baker to the many restaurants. French wine is a national pride, and is much more affordable than abroad. Starting to live here will be like a big happy party for your tastebuds.

Culture is also a shining feature of Paris, spanning many influences and art forms: theaters, cinemas, concerts, museums, galleries, operas, major art and music events – Paris has it all.

Working in France


Working in France comes with a package of awesome perks: 5 weeks paid vacations, excellent free public healthcare, 35 hours work week, job security and balanced labor laws. Pretty Simple also provides full health insurance coverage, including dental and vision, and other perks such as a game room with snacks, drinks, consoles, and arcade cabinets.

Daily life in Paris


In your daily life, there will always be someone speaking English, so you won’t be lost in translation. When you settle in your new place, you’ll be within one hundred meters (300 feet) of at least 4 of the 5 following shops: bakery, butcher, greengrocer, supermarket, and convenience store.

There will also be many cafes and restaurants, making everyday life sweet as can be. The climate here is temperate, there’s plenty of places to go have a picnic in the summer. The slopes are never far in the winter, nor is the seaside in the summer: fast trains means a few hours are enough to get to pretty much anywhere in France (even a train ride to London is under 3 hours).

Helping you move


Moving to a new country is always an adventure, but worry not, we’ll be here to help every step of the way.

Whatever your question or issue, if we can help we will.


Visa, etc.

You will not need a visa if you come from a country within the EU.

If you come from outside the EU and need a visa, we will support your visa application and do our best to prevent any paperwork-induced headaches.